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3 I/O Plus

35,70 €


The 3IO-PLUS Modules are fully monitored loop powered devices which permit the interfacing of third party equipment with the Fire Alarm Control panel using normally open dry contact connections. Each module can be fitted with a maximum of 3 inputs and 3 outputs.

The connection to each input is monitored for fault (open or short circuit) and Alarm conditions.

The interface is used to monitor the contacts of an external system which must be interfaced to the Fire Alarm System, for example a Flow Switch in a sprinkler system to indicate if the sprinklers have been activated or extinguishant level monitoringin Gas Extinguishing systems, etc.

Key Features

  • Fast Activation Response
  • Loop Powered
  • Status LEDs provided for each i/p and o/p
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Module features an integral short-circuit loop isolator